Trade, Competition, and the Pricing of Commodities

Simon Evenett, Frédéric Jenny 15 February 2012




Table of Contents

1 Introduction 
   Simon J Evenett and Frédéric Jenny

2 Commodity Prices, Government Policies and Competition 
   Steve McCorriston

3 Price Formation and Price Trends in Exhaustible Resource Markets 
   Marian Radetzki

4 Price Effects of International Cartels in Markets for Primary Products 
   John M Connor

5 Global Welfare Consequences of Cartelisation in Primary Commodities: Cases of Natural Rubber and Banana
   Pradeep S Mehta, Aradhna Aggarwal and Natasha Nayak

6 Export Cartels in Primary Products: The Potash Case in Perspective
   Frédéric Jenny

7 Reducing Distortions in International Commodity Markets: An Agenda for Multilateral Cooperation
   Bernard Hoekman and Will Martin