Coen Teulings, Richard Baldwin, 15 August 2014

Six years after the Global Crisis, the recovery is still anaemic despite years of near-zero interest rates and extraordinary central bank manoeuvres. This eBook gathers the thinking of leading economists on whether ‘secular stagnation’ to blame.

Olivier Cadot, Jaime de Melo, 16 June 2014

The Aid for Trade (AFT) initiative has been successful in mobilising funding to aid developing countries – in particular, the least developed – cope with the cost of implementing Uruguay Round commitments. However, whether the aid has really made a difference in their ability to take part in world trade growth remains unclear. This CEPR Press book shows how the wealth of available methods helps to confront the conceptual and measurement difficulties in identifying causal relationships from interventions to outcomes.

Bernard Hoekman, 19 May 2014

The World Trade Organisation is one of the most successful instances of multilateral cooperation post-WWII. Yet WTO negotiators have yet found a way to break the recent deadlock on key elements such as the market access and rule-making dimensions on the agenda since 2001. This new CEPR Press book suggests the adoption of a ‘supply chain framework’ that could help to help mobilise greater support for concluding the Doha Round and provide a basis to use the WTO as a forum for learning from regional initiatives.

Simon J Evenett, Alejandro Jara , 18 December 2013

The successful conclusion of the Bali Ministerial Conference and its terrific reception in the international press and from government leaders means that the WTO now has the opportunity to restore its fortunes. This VoxEU eBook brings together 27 contributions from leading international trade experts and practitioners to identify a pragmatic, feasible, and comprehensive work programme for the WTO over the next four years.

Lucrezia Reichlin, Ferdinando Giugliano, 07 November 2013

The 9-10 November 2012 conference in Modena was the first in a series of events aimed at sharing different ideas and perspectives on a key policy issue – what can stimulate sustained growth in economies that cannot simply add more capital or import technologies developed abroad? This is an important question not only in the short run, but also over the longer term and population ageing begins to affect these mature economies.

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