Samuel Bentolila, Marcel Jansen 14 November 2016

This eBook examines the rise of long-term unemployment in post-recession Europe and examines its causes and the measures taken to address it.

Francesco Fasani 31 October 2016

This eBook offers a brief summary of what economists have learnt about migration in several crucial areas of policymaking, and identifies most of the important questions that still remain to be answered.

Charles Wyplosz 24 October 2016

With Britain’s exit from the EU edging ever closer, so too are the negotiations. So far the focus has been on the future position of the UK. Now the time comes for the remaining 27 member states to understand the implications for them, and to establish a strategy for the EU. This new eBook aims at contributing to the extraordinary challenges that lie ahead.

Laurence Ball, Joseph Gagnon, Patrick Honohan, Signe Krogstrup 02 September 2016

The latest Geneva Report on the World Economy argues that central banks can do more to stimulate economies and restore full employment when nominal interest rates are near zero. Quantitative easing and negative interest rates have had beneficial effects so far and can be used more aggressively, and the lower bound constraint can be mitigated by modestly raising inflation targets.    

Richard Baldwin 01 August 2016

The June 2016 Brexit referendum saw British voters reject membership of the European Union. Now that a decision has been made, it is time to look forward and find the best solutions for the future of both the UK and the EU. This VoxEU eBook regroups the views of more than a dozen leading economists and specialists on a broad range of issues, from various perspectives.

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