Chad Bown 05 June 2017

This collection of 18 essays by leading economists highlights many of the most pressing domestic and international economic policy issues on the Trump docket.  Many chapters are sharply critical of the Trump administration’s new approach.

Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Francesco Giavazzi 31 May 2017

The euro’s economic architecture is still incomplete, meaning that any number of large shocks could reignite the crisis in the Eurozone. This new VoxEU eBook summarises the main issues that need to be addressed to make the euro work and identifies, for each issue, the degree of consensus among experts.

Refet Gürkaynak, Cédric Tille 28 April 2017

Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models are in wide use yet have come under sharp criticism, given their complex nature and the assumptions they rely on. However, many central banks use them in policy analysis. Is this a misguided use of economists’ and policy makers’ time? This eBook reviews the use of DSGE models in policy institutions, the lessons learned, and the desirable ways forward.

Thomas Philippon, Aude Salord 22 March 2017

The 4th Special Report in the Geneva Reports on the World Economy series reviews the current status of bail-ins and bank resolution in Europe. It provides a critical comparison of the US and EU bank resolution rules, examines European banking failures, and makes a number of policy recommendations concerning governance, stress testing, cross-border issues and resolution of financial contracts.

Stelios Michalopoulos, Elias Papaioannou 06 March 2017

This e-book is the final volume in a series of three examining the shadow that history casts over various aspects of the economy and the polity. In particular, this volume turns its gaze on Europe and the Americas as it examines how key events from the past shaped the societies they travelled through and inform the economies of the modern world.

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