18 - 19 December 2014 / The Bank of England, London / The Bank of England, Centre for Macroeconomics and CEPR

The world economy has undergone profound structural changes in recent decades because of increasing real and financial globalisation. Increased trade and the internationalisation of production with the establishment of long supply chains, together with the emergence of global banks, pose new challenges for our understanding of interdependence across countries and the making of economic policy.

The Bank of England, Centre for Macroeconomics, and CEPR are jointly organising a two day workshop focusing on these and related issues. Please see the link to the call for papers for further details and instructions on how to apply.

16 - 17 April 2015 / Geneva / Graduate Institute, Geneva

Sustainable development in Low-Income Developing Countries requires a scaling up of investment in physical and social infrastructure. The post-2015 development agenda will require innovative strategies aimed at catalyzing domestic and external financing from the official and private sectors. The scientific committee welcomes submissions on the following topics:

  • Opportunities and risks of different sources of external financing
  • Assessing debt sustainability in LIDCs
  • Leveraging innovative development finance
  • Donor coordination
  • How to measure aid flows by traditional and new lenders
  • The political economy of aid and the emerging global aid architecture
  • Grants versus loans
  • Budget support versus project finance
  • The macroeconomic and social effects of aid
  • Long-term infrastructure finance
  • Domestic resource mobilization