1 - 3 June 2016 / Florence / European University Institute

The U.S. Great Recession has pointed to the importance of the banking sector in originating, amplifying, and propagating financial shocks to the real side of the economy. In response to the downturn, there has been a great deal of new regulation to mitigate the effects of future financial crises. Quantitative structural models of the banking sector that avoid the Lucas critique are critical to conduct counterfactual policy to evaluate the effects of new regulation. One important factor in the effects of policy is banking industry market structure and competition among banks of different sizes. Regulation itself may effect market structure and the distribution of bank size. Understanding regulatory arbitrage and how competitiveness of the banking sector varies with changes in regulation is critical to understand the health of the financial system.

3 - 4 June 2016 / Heidelberg University / Heidelberg University

***Keynote Speakers***
Jean-Phillipe Platteau
(Emeritus Professor, University of Namur and Centre for Research in Economic Development (CRED))
Philip Keefer (Principal Economic Advisor, Inter-American Development Bank)

The annual conference brings together international scholars and researchers of development economics and neighboring fields. Plenary sessions with keynote speakers, and parallel sessions with contributed papers and posters will reflect the current state of research in development economics and provide a forum for exchange for researchers and practitioners.

Local organizers:
Prof. Dr. Axel Dreher (Alfred-Weber-Institute for Economics, Heidelberg University)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Klonner (South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University)

9 - 10 June 2016 / Chicago (US) / MoFiR and DePaul University

The Money and Finance Research Group (MoFiR) together with the Center for Financial Services (DePaul University) are pleased to announce the next workshop will be held in Chicago, IL, USA, on June 9-10, 2016.

The organizing committee of this small informal workshop invites submissions of high-quality theoretical and empirical research in all areas of financial intermediation.

The keynote speaker will be Victoria Ivashina (Harvard Business School)

A special issue of the Review of Finance will be published under the editorship of Andrew Ellul. Papers submitted for this special issue will undergo the standard journal review process.

Presenters and discussants will be awarded an honorarium of up to USD 1,400 for international travellers and up to USD 500 for domestic travellers to cover travel expenses, sponsored by DePaul University. There is no conference fee, and all meals are included, but participants must cover their own accommodation costs.

9 - 10 June 2016 / British Academy, London / EDePo @ The Institute for Fiscal Studies

Topics will include improving quality of Early Childhood care in the home and child-care centres; scaling-up ECD programs; process of skill formation over the course of childhood; long-run effects of early childhood investments.

Confirmed speakers:
J. Lawrence Aber (NYU)
Mariana Alfonso, (IDB)
Maria Caridad Araujo (IDB)
Orazio Attanasio (UCL and IFS)
Jere R. Behrman (Pennsylvania)
Raquel Bernal (Universidad de los Andes)
Prashant Bharadwaj (UC San Diego)
Pedro Carneiro (UCL and cemmap)
Gabriella Conti (UCL and IFS)
Yyannú Cruz-Aguayo (IDB)
Flávio Cunha (Rice)
Janet Currie (Princeton)
Professor Sir Ian Diamond (Aberdeen)
Sally Grantham-McGregor (UCL)
Sonya Krutikova (EDePo at IFS)
Karen Macours (Paris School of Economics)
Costas Meghir (Yale and IFS)
Scott Rozelle (Stanford)
Marta Rubio-Codina (IDB and International Research fellow, IFS)
Norbert Schady (IDB)
Essi Viding (UCL)
Hirokazu Yoshikawa (Steinhardt NYU)
This event is free to attend.

11 - 18 June 2016 / Iseo, Italy / Istituto I.S.E.O

Nobel Prizes in Economics Joseph Stiglitz, Angus Deaton and Michael Spence will lecture at the I.S.E.O International Summer School 2016 focused on "Looking forward: new challenges and opportunities for the World Economy”. The course takes place in a wonderful location in northern Italy and it's promoted by I.S.E.O Institute chaired by Robert Solow. Post graduate students, young economists and researchers are eligible. Partial scholarships available. Info www.istiseo.org or [email protected].

15 - 16 June 2016 / European University Institute, Florence / Trade Policy Research Network, CEPR Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, EUI, Florence TEDU-Trade Research Center, Ankara World Trade Institute, Bern

We invite submissions of papers and expressions of interest in attending the Second Empirical Investigations in Services Trade (EIST) conference. The meeting will take place on June 15-16 in Florence, Italy, hosted by the Global Governance Programme of the Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute.

The theme of the conference is economic analysis of trade and investment in services. We welcome submissions related to any aspect of international trade and investment in services, including empirical analyses of sectoral policy and regulation and trade and investment agreements, analysis using firm-level data, and papers on the role of services in value chains.

16 - 17 June 2016 / Beijing, People’s Republic of China (PRC) / The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI),the National Natural Science Foundation of China

The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), in cooperation with the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC Project 71133004), the China Center for Human Capital and Labor Market Research (CHLR) at the Central University of Finance and Economics, and China Economic Review, invite submissions of unpublished papers that focus on urbanization and infrastructure in developing Asia. Both applied research and policy oriented papers are welcome provided that findings, conclusions, and policy recommendations are based on solid evidence and analysis. Manuscripts can focus on Asia as a whole, a group of countries or individual economies, preferably from the developing Asia and the Pacific region.

20 - 22 June 2016 / Florence / European University Institute

Is Credit Risk modeling dead after the recent financial crisis? Should banks follow pre-define rules for calculating credit-risk related capital requirements (also denominated “standardized approach”) instead of using tailor-made credit risk models (“Advanced Internal Rating-Based approach”)? In order to answer these questions, it is important to have a clear understanding of the benchmark techniques currently in use by the financial industry (in particular, the assumptions over which they are based and their limitations). This course aims to provide a first step on that direction.

24 - 24 June 2016 / Lisbon / UECE - Research Unit on Complexity and Economics, ISEG, University of Lisbon

UECE (Research Unit on Complexity and Economics) and ISEG are organising the 5th UECE Conference on Economic and Financial Adjustments. In this context we invite submissions addressing notably the following issues: economic and financial adjustments; economic imbalances; country issues; challenges to monetary policy and fiscal policies.

Keynote speakers: 
Clemens Fuest (Centre for European Economic Research - ZEW)

27 June - 8 July 2016 / Paris / Paris School of Economics - PSE

The PSE Summer School offers research-oriented teaching by leading experts in their fields. It seeks to gather Master and PhD students, post-doctoral students, academics, and professionals. PSE proposes four intensive one-week programmes, each being a full-time mix of coherent courses on topical issues, taught by PSE professors.
More information: http://www.parisschoolofeconomics.eu/en/teaching-and-students/pse-summer...

8 - 9 July 2016 / Suzhou, People’s Republic of China (PRC) / Asian Development Bank Institute, Xi’an Jiaotong–Liverpool University (XJTLU)

Asian Development Bank Institute and Xi’an Jiaotong–Liverpool University (XJTLU) invites submissions for a 2-day seminar on topics related to Asia and the Pacific economies. We are looking for original research papers in the field of theoretical, empirical, and experimental economic and business issues. ADBI joins Xi’an Jiaotong–Liverpool University (XJTLU) with two special sessions on financial inclusion and infrastructure that broaden the scope of the research agenda.
Session 1: New Frontiers in Financial Development, Financial Inclusion
Session 2: Infrastructure Investment Impacts and Finance

26 - 27 July 2016 / Tokyo, Japan / Asian Development Bank Institute

The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), in cooperation with the journal World Economy, invites submissions of unpublished papers that focus on income inequality in developing Asia. Both theoretical and empirical research papers with policy orientation are welcome provided that findings, conclusions, and policy recommendations are based on solid evidence and analysis. Manuscripts can focus on Asia as a whole, a group of countries, or individual economies.

17 - 18 August 2016 / Tokyo / Asian Development Bank Institute

We are looking for original/unpublished scientific papers that shed new light on the topic “Overweight and Obesity in Asia and the Pacific.” All papers should be based on sound theoretical and/or empirical evidence.

The papers should be related to, though not limited to, one the following topics:

-Determinants of overweight and obesity across countries or within countries across different stratifications (age, gender, education, income, rural/urban, etc.) as well as across time.
-Country studies on the cost of illness, including the costs for health systems as well as the economic costs (including macroeconomic impact) of overweight and obesity.
-Case studies of experiences to reduce overweight and obesity implementing non-market (such as education) or market measures (such as sugar tax).

8 - 10 September 2016 / Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Sociali (Di.S.E.S.) Università Politecnica delle Marche P.zzale Martelli, 8 - 60128 Ancona / Università Politecnica delle Marche

The Department of Economic and Social Sciences of the Università Politecnica delle Marche is organizing a 3-day International Conference with a focus on the consequences of the Great Recession. The aim of the conference is to examine, from different analytical and empirical perspectives, the effects of the crisis on the economy and on economic theory, as well as to introduce possible alternatives on how to reshape the economy in order to obtain equitable prosperity, sustainable growth, and investment and jobs recovery.

Macroeconomic Dynamics – Special Issue
Industrial and Corporate Change – Special Section

8 - 10 September 2016 / Università Politecnica delle Marche P.zzale Martelli, 8 - 60128 Ancona / Università Politecnica della Marche

The aim of the conference is to examine the effects of the crisis on the economy and on economic theory, as well as to introduce possible alternatives on how to reshape the economy.

Leonardo Becchetti (Università di Roma)
Silvano Cincotti (Università di Genova)
David Colander (Middlebury College)
Roberto Danovaro (Università Politecnica delle Marche)
Marco Del Negro (Federal Reserve Bank, New York)
Domenico Delli Gatti (Università Cattolica, Milano)
Duncan Foley (New School University)
Alan Kirman (University of Aix-Marseille III)
Bruce Greenwald (Columbia University)
Mariana Mazzucato (TBC, University of Sussex)
Paul Ormerod (University College London)
Barkley Rosser jr. (James Madison University)
Joseph E. Stiglitz (TBC, Columbia University)
Patrizio Tirelli (Università Bicocca, Milano)

Macroeconomic Dynamics
Industrial and Corporate Change

15 - 16 September 2016 / Kigali, Rwanda / Poverty Reduction Equity and Growth Network

The Poverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network (PEGNet) Conference 2016 on Regional integration for Africa’s economic transformation – Challenges and opportunities will be held in Kigali, Rwanda in cooperation with the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research, IPAR-Rwanda on September 15-16, 2016.

The Conference will provide a platform for high-level dialogue between development researchers, practitioners and policy-makers working on Poverty Reduction, Inequality, Growth and other related topics in Development Economics. The two conference days will feature parallel-sessions based on invited and contributed papers and project presentations. These will be complemented by a debate, a round-table discussion, and keynote speeches by renowned speakers from academia, economic policy and development practice.

16 - 17 September 2016 / Cambridge / Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

The Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF) welcomes submissions for its 2016 Corporate Finance Theory Symposium to be held in Cambridge UK, Cambridge Judge Business School,  16-17 September 2016.

The symposium covers all areas of theoretical corporate finance, including theory papers that combine corporate finance theory with a related area such as banking, market micro-structure, asset pricing, and financial accounting.

We expect to have about 9 papers (each with a discussant) and one keynote speech. This year’s keynote speaker will be Anjan Thakor, John E. Simon Professor of Finance,Director of the PhD Programme, and Director of the WFA Center for Finance and Accounting Research.

20 - 21 September 2016 / Tokyo / Asian Development Bank Institute

The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) invites submissions of unpublished papers that focus on structural transformation and inclusive growth. Both theoretical and empirical research papers with policy orientation are welcome provided that findings, conclusions, and policy recommendations are based on solid evidence and analysis.

Manuscripts can focus on a group of countries, or individual economies.

The papers should be related to, though not limited to, one of the following topics:

Growth decomposition across the income quantiles1
Structural transformation and growth incidence2
Structural transformation and income inequality
Future of the Kuznets Curve hypothesis3
Structural transformation and livelihood diversification

3 - 5 November 2016 / Lisbon, Portugal / UECE - Research Unit on Complexity and Economics and ISEG - Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestao da Universidade de Lisboa

We are pleased to inform you that UECE - Research Unit on Complexity and Economics and the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão da Universidade de Lisboa will host the eighth edition of the UECE LISBON MEETINGS, which will take place on November 3rd-5th, 2016.

The conference will include Prof. Drew Fudenberg (Harvard University), Prof. Michael Katz (University of California at Berkeley), and Prof. Shmuel Zamir (University of Exeter) as keynote speakers, as well as contributed sessions on all topics, and from all perspectives, of game theory, including applications and experimental work.

Submission of papers within the areas of theoretical, applied and experimental game theory and related fields is encouraged. Papers can only be submitted electronically through the conference website. Complete submissions must be received by July 31st, 2016.

16 - 17 November 2016 / Berne, Switzerland / World Trade Institute (WTI) and Council on Economic Policies (CEP)

Services are gaining ever more importance in global trade and employment. While there is increasing consensus that the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) represents an inadequate international framework for services trade governance, sound economic policy prescriptions to support ongoing multilateral negotiations remain scarce.

Meanwhile, recent and forthcoming preferential trade agreements like CETA, TiSA, TPP and TTIP are filling the void, with yet unpredictable and potentially significant effects on labour markets. Given the crucial role of the services sector as the world's largest purveyor of employment, gaining a sounder understanding of the nexus between trade policies, services and labour markets is hence of utmost importance.

To that end, this workshop invites submissions on research in the domain of services trade and its implications for the labour market. We are particularly interested in analyses that substantiate specific policy recommendations.