Christos Genakos

Cambridge University

Christos Genakos is a Fellow and Director of Studies in Economics at Selwyn College, Cambridge University. He is also a research economist at the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) in the London School of Economics and Political Science. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the London Business School. He holds a Masters degree (M.Sc.) in Economics at the University College London and a Bachelor’s (B.Sc.) in Economics from the National and Kappodistrian University of Athens.
His research focuses on Industrial Organization and Applied Microeconomics. His recent work includes the welfare analysis of mergers in the PC industry, examining foreclosure incentives in the PC and server operating systems market, estimation of the “waterbed” effect in mobile telephony, analysis of competitors’ incentives in multistage tournaments and evaluation of international management practices on over 6,000 firms in 16 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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