José-Luis Peydró

UPF, Barcelona GSE, and ECB

José-Luis Peydró is an Associate Professor (with Tenure) at University Pompeu Fabra, an Affiliate Prof. at Barcelona GSE, and an Economist in the European Central Bank. His research interests are in Banking, Macro-Prudential Policy, Financial Crises, Monetary Policy, International Finance and Macro-Finance. He has published his research in the top journals in both Economics and Finance as the American Economic Review and the Review of Financial Studies. He has presented his research in seminars in top universities as Harvard and MIT and conferences as the NBER, CEPR, AEA and AFA. His main policy areas have been macro-prudential, stress-testing, liquidity injections in interbank markets, bank capital requirements, bank lending behaviour and monetary policy, and he has presented in major policy seminars as the 5th ECB Central Banking Conference, Fed DC Board, NY Fed, IMF, ECB, BIS, Bundesbank, Bank of Spain and Bank of England. He holds a PhD in Finance from INSEAD and a Master in Economics from CEMFI. He was awarded by the Government of Spain with the First Prize to the Student with Highest GPA in Finishing a BA in Economics in Spain in 1998.