The EMU after the Euro Crisis: Lessons and Possibilities - Findings and proposals from the Horizon 2020 ADEMU project

Ramon Marimon, Thomas Cooley 01 May 2018



Table of Contents


Ramon Marimon and Thomas Cooley

1   Lessons from the euro crisis an dealing with its debt overhang
Giancarlo Corsetti

2 A European Stability Fund for the EMU
Ramon Marimon

3 Agreeing to an unemployment insurance system for the euro area?
Arpad Abraham, Joao Brogueira de Sousa, Ramon Marimon and Lukas Mayr

4 Macroeconomic stabilisation in heterogeneous societies
Morten O. Ravn

5 Recessions following expansions: The instability of market economies
Paul Beaudry, Dana Galizia and Franck Portier

6 Stimulus packages? Better be persistent!
Martial Dupaigne and Patrick Feve

7 Reassessing tax policies and tax coordination: The case for a tax on automation
Pedro Teles

8 Banking Union and the ECB
Hugo Rodriguez

9 Financial stability: The role of macroprudential policies
Radim Bohaček

10 The European Stability Mechanism: The path to reform
Giorgio Monti

11 The political economy of policy implementation
David K. Levine and Andrea Mattozzi

12 A new fiscal and monetary framework for the EMU? The EU presidentsí roadmap in 2018\
Ramon Marimon

Professor of Economics and Pierre Werner Chair at the European University Institute (EUI); on leave from UPF - Barcelona GSE

Professor of Economics, Stern School of Business and Faculty of Arts and Science, New York University


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