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The Editors 22 June 2017



Today sees the launch of’s sister site,, aimed at providing the latest commentary, analysis, and evidence on the economic issues and challenges facing developing countries.

The new site – a partnership between CEPR, the International Growth Centre, and the Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries programme – will publish the latest frontier research on a wide range of issues including trade, migration, health and education, technology, and energy.

Following the approach that pioneered ten years ago, aims to put evidence from decades of academic research into the hands of decision-makers and civil society in developing countries in a way that they can be easily accessed and actually put to use, ultimately encouraging the design and implementation of more evidence-based policy.

The site kicks off with columns and videos ranging from the consequences of demonetisation in India, to the impact of trade and globalisation on developing countries, to the mechanics of a real estate bubble in China, with authors including Abhijit Banerjee (MIT), Pinelopi K. Goldberg (Yale) and Edward Glaeser (Harvard).

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