• An outtake from Brad DeLong's "Slouching Towards Utopia: An Economic History of the Long Twentieth Century 1870-2016"

  • The crisis in word trade

    Sait Akman, Shiro Armstrong, Carlos Primo Braga, Uri Dadush, Anabel González, Fukunari Kimura, Junji Nakagawa, Peter Rashish, Akihiko Tamura, 04 September 2019

    A T20 Task Force on Trade, Investment and Globalization policy brief argues that the world trading system has been remarkably successful in many respects but that the present strain reflects causes which are deep-seated and require a strategic response.

  • Digital trade negotiations are playing out on a number of levels. Claude Barfield offers a list of priorities for the US in these negotiations.

  • Trump's mini-trade war with India

    Chad Bown, 22 July 2019

    Successive US administrations have tried to pry open India's markets by offering trade concessions to get it to play by the multilateral rules. But as Chad Bown describes, President Trump is now reversing course.

Other Recent Blogs&Reviews:

  • Richard Baldwin, 03 December 2018

    In this third in a five-post series, Richard Baldwin describes how globalisation played a key role in the Great Divergence, as rapid industrialisation in today’s rich nations sparked modern growth and a historically unprecedented difference between per-person incomes in the global North and South.

  • Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen, Tristan Kohl, 01 December 2018

    In this post, Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen, and Tristan Kohl discuss why it woud be good news if President Trump and President Xi were to declare at the G20 meeting in Argentina this weekend that they are becoming friends again.

  • Richard Baldwin, 29 November 2018

    In this post, Richard Baldwin breaks down Phase 2 of globalisation – when the foundations of civilisation were laid  – into three stages: the rise of Asia, the integration of the Eurasian landmass, and the rise of Europe. 

  • Stefano Micossi, Alexandra D'Onofrio, Fabrizia Peirce, 28 November 2018

    Germany's current account surplus is among the largest in the world. In this post, Stefano Micossi, Alexandra D’Onofrio and Fabrizia Peirce identify four features of the German economy that are at the root of its external imbalances, and which may indicate that a substantial correction of those imbalances is hardly in sight.

  • Richard Baldwin, 27 November 2018

    In this second in a five-post series, Richard Baldwin looks at the ‘humanisation of the globe’ as the human race spread out of Africa.


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