• The destination-based cash flow tax: A negative-revenue tax?

    David Laborde, William Martin, 17 April 2019

    David Laborde and Will Martin identify serious problems with the proposal to combine features of a VAT and a wage subsidy, especially for countries where the direct government revenue implications are strongly negative.

  • Simon Wren-Lewis asks why pundits failed to see how far right the Conservatives were moving under Cameron, and the subsequent rise of Corbyn in 2015 and Labour’s gains during the 2017 campaign.

  • No ordinary woman

    Diane Coyle, 08 April 2019

    Diane Coyle reviews a biography of Edith Penrose written by her daughter-in-law, Angela Penrose.

  • Francis Fukuyama against mainstream economics

    Branko Milanovic, 01 April 2019

    Branko Milanovic highlights a number of views on economics from Francis Fukuyama’s "The origins of political order", many directly critical of some mainstream nostrums.

Other Recent Blogs&Reviews:

  • Stephen Cecchetti, Kim Schoenholtz, 25 July 2018

    Inflation in the US remains at levels that most people don’t really notice and US monetary policy has remained accommodative from a long-run perspective. In this post, Stephen Cecchetti and Kermit Schoenholtz infer that the Federal Open Market Committee is engaged in what Alan Greenspan called ‘risk management’ policy. 

  • Caroline Freund, Michael Ferrantino, Maryla Maliszewska, Michele Ruta, 24 July 2018

    Many developing nations rely on trade as an engine of economic growth for ending poverty. In this post, Caroline Freund, Michael Ferrantino, Maryla Maliszewska, and Michele Ruta analyse the impact of recent tariffs and the potential for tariff escalation in developing countries.

  • Jonathan Portes, 23 July 2018

    The political and parliamentary drama over the last few weeks makes it ever more clear that there is no majority, either in the House of Commons or the country as a whole, for any particular approach to Brexit. In this post, Jonathan Portes argues that extending Article 50 would buy time – and perhaps allow a new government or negotiating team to adopt a more coherent and credible strategy.

  • Simon Wren-Lewis, 20 July 2018

    President Trump has made it clear that the UK can choose US rules or EU rules. In this post, Simon Wren-Lewis argues that Brexit is about having no say in either. 

  • Diane Coyle, 20 July 2018

    A book by Cecilia Heyes argues that that humans’ distinctive cognitive abilities are due to cultural evolution rather than genetic. Diane Coyle finds this different approach to thinking about decision-making persuasive.


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