Other Recent Blogs&Reviews:

  • Diane Coyle, 19 November 2018

    Diane Coyle learns from Martin Rees's "On the Future: Prospects for Humanity" that the risk of a large asteroid causing mass extinction is one of the lesser worries about our future. Other existential risks have a higher probability with the same mass death/end of civilisation impact.

  • Branko Milanovic, 13 November 2018

    Branko Milanovic reviews Kenneth Pomeranz's 2000 book on the Great Divergence between Western Europe and East Asia.

  • Jon Danielsson, 01 November 2018

    In this post, Jon Danielsson asks whether last month's stock market crash was as bad as some are making out.

  • Simon Wren-Lewis, 31 October 2018

    In this post, Simon Wren-Lewis argues that being anti-austerity does not mean we can forget about debt completely, as long as we are using interest rates rather than fiscal policy to control demand.

  • Paul De Grauwe, 30 October 2018

    The conflict between the Italian government and the European Commission on the proposed budget is intensifying. In this post, Paul De Grauwe argues that it is time to think again about the budgetary rules that are being applied by the Commission.


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