Other Recent Blogs&Reviews:

  • Simon Wren-Lewis, 11 July 2019

    Simon Wren-Lewis argues that the conceptualisation of Brexit as essentially a culture war and not a class war is powerful and contains a lot of truth, but it leaves some puzzles unresolved.

  • Anabel González, 05 July 2019

    Anabel González describes how the agreement between the EU and Mercosur to lower trade barriers is an important accomplishment for both parties

  • Diane Coyle, 03 July 2019

    Diane Coyle reviews Carl Frey's "The Technology Trap: Capital, Labor and Power in the Age of Automation", which has a rather pessimistic outlook on future prospects for work and incomes.

  • Zia Qureshi, 27 June 2019

    Zia Qureshi introduces a new report which argues that the slowdown in productivity growth and the rise in income inequality are linked by common causes and call for common solutions.

  • Thomas Maissen, Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden, 21 June 2019

    Thomas Maissen and Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden discuss why it is difficult to understand why the UK's referendum on EU membership must be understood as binding parliament today.


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