Other Recent Blogs&Reviews:

  • Peter Petri, Michael Plummer, 30 October 2019

    China’s joining the CPTPP could ease tensions with the US, accelerate growth, diversify markets, and modernise the country. Peter Petri and Michael Plummer ask what’s not to like?

  • Thorsten Beck, 25 October 2019

    Thorsten Beck offers his thoughts on randomised control trials

  • Hans Gersbach, 18 October 2019

    Hans Gersbach suggests society could deal with the self-strengthening tech giants by democratising them through giving users a say in their decisions.

  • Diane Coyle, 14 October 2019

    Diane Coyle's mind boggles at the level of detail in Vaclav Smil's "Growth: From Microorganisms to Megacities", covering the growth dynamics of archaea and bacteria all the way to empires. 

  • Thorsten Beck, 11 October 2019

    Thorsten Beck advises analysts who claim that the UK Supreme Court's decision that the prorogation of Parliament was unlawfaul represents a constitutional coup should read up on British constitutional history.


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