Refet Gürkaynak, Philippe Weil, 24 August 2017

This column presents the first bi-annual report from CEPR’s Euro Area Business Cycle Dating Committee on the state of the Eurozone business cycle. The main findings are that the Eurozone expansion is continuing slowly, but is creating employment at a rapid pace; the recovery is commensurate with the US recovery once the Eurozone’s double-dip sovereign debt recession is factored in; and the heterogeneity in the pace of recovery of individual member countries is driven by the heterogeneity in their recessions.


The event is hosted by the Banque de France, and sponsored by the EABCN in collaboration with the Banque de France Chair at the Paris School of Economics and the Pierre Werner Chair Programme of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute. Participants wanting to attend should complete the general registration form on the event website and send it directly to Banque de France by Monday 13 May.


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