Estelle Cantillon, 26 August 2020

As governments start to consider the recovery from Covid-19, Estelle Cantillon, Université libre de Bruxelles, explains how  achieving green goals can go hand in hand with rebuilding economies. Some sectors heavily affected by the pandemic, such as transport, tourism and energy, were already heading towards or overdue for structural change anyway, so this is an opportunity to accelerate that move forward. Encouraging this green recovery is not only about budget and spending it is also about revenue, and measures such as putting  a firm price on carbon and making government help conditional can be used as leverage in sectors that have previously been reluctant to become greener.

Massimo Tavoni, Caterina Gennaioli, 12 July 2012

Despite best intentions, government policies can sometimes provide politicians and others with an incentive to break the law. This column analyses the link between state support for renewable energy and corruption. It provides some evidence of this connection for the case of the tradable green certificate system, a policy introduced in Italy in 1999 to promote wind power.


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