Miaojie Yu, 18 May 2016

When China opened up, Chinese income increased and China went from a poor to a middle-income country. In this video, Miajie Yu discusses the impact of trade liberalisation on firm productivity in China. Openness to trade had a big impact on processing trade – such as putting together iPhones – and now accounts for half of Chinese trade. This video was recorded in March 2016 during the Royal Economic Society’s Annual Conference held at the University of Sussex.

Lucian Cernat, Michaël Pajot, 17 September 2012

Processing trade has been credited as a key driver of Chinese export performance but has been largely overlooked in Europe. This column argues that, despite its rather low profile in trade debates, EU inward-processing exports accounted for around 10% of total extra-EU exports in 2011. Processing trade may thus require further reflection on how best to maximise its benefits for EU's external competitiveness.


CEPR Policy Research