Juan Blyde, 09 November 2014

While participation in global value chains is giving developing countries the opportunity to diversify production and to acquire know-how from global buyers, few countries in Latin America are taking advantage of these new forms of production. Using a combination of innovative datasets at the macro and micro levels this column presents a comprehensive picture of the participation of Latin America and the Caribbean in global value chains and describes why it is so low.

Jayant Menon, 14 May 2013

Are free trade agreements good for ‘Factory Asia’? This column argues that rather than supporting ‘Factory Asia’, it is more likely that fragmentation trade has prospered despite the noodle bowl of overlapping FTAs in the region. Inter-regional FTAs, on the other hand, may have been able to indirectly support the growth of production networks among existing members, if they led to increased demand for the final goods that the networks produce.

Lucian Cernat, Michaël Pajot, 17 September 2012

Processing trade has been credited as a key driver of Chinese export performance but has been largely overlooked in Europe. This column argues that, despite its rather low profile in trade debates, EU inward-processing exports accounted for around 10% of total extra-EU exports in 2011. Processing trade may thus require further reflection on how best to maximise its benefits for EU's external competitiveness.


CEPR Policy Research