Leonardo Bursztyn, Ingar Haaland, Aakaash Rao, Chris Roth, 30 July 2020

When outright racism is stigmatised, people may need justifications for publicly expressing anti-minority views. Using two large-scale online experiments, this column argues that people use justifications, such as the claim that immigrants cause crime, to excuse their anti-immigrant behaviour, even if they do not privately believe them. Prominent public figures such as populist politicians can thus generate waves of anti-minority behaviour by serving as suppliers of excuses.

Kevin Denny, Cormac Ó Gráda, 03 January 2014

During the past few decades, immigration in Ireland has been steadily increasing. This column discusses how this change affects public attitudes towards immigration, and the factors that influence these attitudes. Not surprisingly, the recent economic crisis has had a negative impact on the perception towards immigration. At the same time, the Irish are becoming more tolerant towards people from very different backgrounds.


CEPR Policy Research