After the Fall: The Future of Global Cooperation

Jeffry Frieden, Michael Pettis, Dani Rodrik, Ernesto Zedillo 26 July 2012



Table of Contents

1 Introduction: Past Imperfect, Present Tense, Future Conditional

2 The Ghost of Globalisation Past: Lessons for Globalisation Present

3 The Current Situation

4 Global Economic Coordination: On Track or Doomed to Fail?

5 The Domestic Political Economy of International Economic Cooperation

6 The Normative Case for Governance of the International Economy

7 Macro is the New Trade: Future Problems of the International Economy

8 Looking Ahead

Discussions and Roundtables

Professor at Harvard University's Department of Government

Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Finance Professor, Guanghua School of Management at Peking University

Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy, Harvard University, and CEPR Research Fellow.

Director of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, ex-President of Mexico


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