Banking Union for Europe - Risks and Challenges

Thorsten Beck 16 October 2012





Banking union for Europe – risks and challenges
Thorsten Beck

Banking union as a crisis-management tool
Charles Wyplosz

Legacy problems in transition to a banking union
Claudia M. Buch and Benjamin Weigert

Why the rush? Short-term crisis resolution and long-term bank stability
Thorsten Beck

Banking union in Europe and other reforms
Viral V Acharya

The Single European Market in Banking in decline – ECB to the rescue?
Daniel Gros

Two types of capital flight: Will a common deposit insurance help to stabilise the TARGET2 imbalances?
Frank Westermann

Banking union: The view from emerging Europe
Jeromin Zettelmeyer, Erik Berglöf and Ralph de Haas

Five lessons from the Spanish cajas debacle for a new euro wide supervisor
Luis Garicano

A first step towards a banking union
Vasso Ioannidou

Banking union: Where we’re going wrong
Dirk Schoenmaker

Funding arrangements and burden sharing in banking resolution
Charles Goodhart

The financial implications of a banking union
Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti and Andrew Gimber

How to design a banking union that limits systemic risk in the Eurozone
Wolf Wagner

US Banking over two centuries: Lessons for the Eurozone crisis
Joshua Aizenman

The political economy of (eventual) banking union
Geoffrey R D Underhill

Professor of Financial Stability and Director, Florence School of Banking and Finance, EUI; CEPR Research Fellow


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