Catalyst? TTIP’s impact on the Rest

M. Sait Akman, Simon Evenett, Patrick Low 07 April 2015




M. Sait Akman, Simon J. Evenett and Patrick Low

Part I: Systemic perspectives

TTIP and the world trading system
Patrick Low

TTIP, regulatory diversion and third countries
Joseph Francois, Bernard Hoekman and Doug Nelson

The impact of TTIP on third countries
Rahel Aichele and Gabriel Felbermayr

An EU-US trade deal: Good or bad for the rest of the world? 35
Aaditya Mattoo

Must TTIP-induced regulatory convergence benefit others?
Vinod K. Aggarwal and Simon J. Evenett

Could TTIP become an all-inclusive project? Some remarks concerning alternative responses
Mehmet Sait Akman

Towards rival trade regimes? TTIP and multilateralism as seen from the Beijing APEC summit
Jean-Pierre Lehmann

Part II: National perspectives 65

TTIP as seen from the Antipodes
Peter Gallagher

TTIP and Brazil: Much ado about nothing?
Carlos A. Primo Braga

TTIP and its implications for China
Sun Zhenyu and Tu Xinquan

TTIP and India: Potential implications and reactions
Harsha Vardhana Singh

Potential impact of TTIP: A Korean view
Taeho Bark

TTIP: A Russian perspective
Sergei Sutyrin

TTIP: Implications for South Africa
Gerhard Erasmus and Trudi Hartzenberg

Turkey: Implications of TTIP
Bozkurt Aran

Marmara University

Professor of International Trade, University of St. Gallen; Research Fellow, CEPR

Chief Economist (Director of Economic Research and Statistics) at the World Trade Organization


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