The Crisis Aftermath: New Regulatory Paradigms

Mathias Dewatripont, Xavier Freixas 30 March 2012




Table of Contents

1 Introduction 
   Mathias Dewatripont and Xavier Freixas

2 Corperate Governance and Banks: What Have We Learned from the Fiancial Crisis?
   Hamid Mehran, Alan Morrison and Joel Shapiro

3 The Coutercyclical Capital Buffer of Basel III: A Critical Assessment 
   Rafael Repullo and Jesus Saurina

4 Disclosure, Transparency and Market Discipline
   Xavier Freixas and Christian Laux

5 Bank Resolution: Lessons from the Crisis
   Mathias Dewatripont and Xavier Freixas


Professor of Economics, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ECARES and Solvay Brussels School) and Co-Director, I3h

Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra; CEPR Research Fellow


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