Economics and policy in the Age of Trump

Chad Bown 05 June 2017




1 Introduction 
Chad P. Bown

Part I: Domestic Policy Reform I: Health, anti-poverty, labour, education, immigration and environment

 2 Health reform in the Age of Trump 
 Thomas Buchmueller and Helen Levy

 3 Promoting economic security and upward mobility with programmes that support low-income families and youth 
 Melissa S. Kearney

 4 Globalisation and US labour markets 
 Mine Zeynep Senses

 5 The future of regulation in the for-profit college sector
 Jordan Matsudaira

 6 The economic impact of US immigration policies in the Age of Trump 
Anna Maria Mayda and Giovanni Peri

 7 The hidden American tax on imported cars: Fuel economy standards instead of tariffs
Arik Levinson

Part II: Domestic Policy Reform II: Tax, central banking, financial regulation, and the macroeconomy

8 Tax reform in the Age of Trump
Nirupama Rao

9 The border adjustment tax
Mary Amiti, Emmanuel Farhi, Gita Gopinath, and Oleg Itskhoki

10 Central bank independence: Growing threats
Stephen G. Cecchetti, Kermit L. Schoenholtz

11 Potential changes in financial regulation in the Age of Trump
Thomas F. Cooley and Lawrence J. White

12 How fast can we grow - and why that matters 
Jay Shambaugh

Part III: International Policy Reform: Trade policy and trade agreements

13 Trade under T.R.U.M.P. policies
Kyle Handley and Nuno Limão

14 Multilateral or bilateral trade deals? Lessons from history
Chad P. Bown, Robert W. Staiger and Alan O. Sykes

15 What the United States stands to lose in Asia 
Katheryn N. Russ

16 Renegotiating NAFTA: The role of global supply chains
Emily J. Blanchard

17 Trade enforcement in the Age of Trump
Meredith A. Crowley

18 What next for US-Europe trade policy?
Nikhil Datta and Swati Dhingra

Reginald Jones Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics; CEPR Research Fellow


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