The Economics of Deep Trade Agreements

Ana Fernandes, Nadia Rocha, Michele Ruta 23 June 2021





Introduction: The economics of deep trade agreements
Ana Margarida Fernandes, Nadia Rocha, and Michele Ruta

The economic impact of deep trade agreements

1 The enduring role of international integration in development
Pinelopi Goldberg and Tristan Reed

2 Quantifying the impact of deep trade agreements: A general equilibrium approach
Lionel Fontagne, Nadia Rocha,Michel Ruta,and Gianluca Santoni

3 Using machine learning to assess the impact of deep trade agreements
Holger Breinlich, Valentina Corradi, Nadia Rocha, Michele Ruta, Joao.M.C. Santos Silva, and Tom Zylkin

Political economy and design of deep trade agreements

4 Lobbying on Deep Trade Agreements: How Large Firms Buy Favourable Provisions
Michael Blanga-Gubbay, Paola Conconi, In Song Kim, and Mathieu Parenti

5 Global value chains and deep integration
Leonardo Baccini,Matteo Fiorini, Bernard Hoekman, Carlo Altomonte, and Italo Colantone

6 Pro-competitive provisions in deep trade agreements
Meredith A. Crowley, Lu Han, and Thomas Prayer

Protectionism at the border and beyond

7 The impact of preferential trade agreements on the duration of antidumping protection
Thomas J. Prusa, and Min Zhu

8 Trade facilitation provisions in deep trade agreements: Impact on Peru’s exporters
Woori Lee, Nadia Rocha, and Michele Ruta

9 Heterogeneous impacts of sanitary and phyto-sanitary and technical barriers to trade regulations: Firm-level evidence from deep trade agreements
Ana Margarida Fernandes, Kevin Lefebvre, and Nadia Rocha

Services trade and state intervention

10 Scoping services trade agreements: What really matters
Ingo Borchert and Mattia Di Ubaldo

11 Trade barriers in government procurement
Alen Mulabdic and Lorenzo Rotunno

12 The spillover effect of deep trade agreements on Chinese state-owned enterprises
Kevin Lefebvre, Nadia Rocha, and Michele Ruta

Non-trade issues in trade agreements

13 How preferential trade agreements with strong intellectual property provisions affect trade
Keith E. Maskus and William Ridley

14 Deep integration in trade agreements: Labour clauses, tariffs, and trade flows
Raymond Robertson

15 Trade agreements with environmental provisions mitigate deforestation
Ryan Abman, Clark Lundberg, and Michele Ruta


16 Why deep trade agreements may shape post-COVID-19 trade
Aaditya Mattoo, Nadia Rocha, and Michele Ruta

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