The fateful allure of protectionism: Taking stock for the G8

Simon Evenett, Bernard Hoekman, Olivier Cattaneo 03 July 2009





Introduction: Principal findings and policy recommendations
Simon J. Evenett, Bernard M. Hoekman and Olivier Cattaneo

Section 1: The Protectionist Allure: Then and Now

1. A Historical Perspective
Douglas A. Irwin

2. Too Early to Cry Wolf
Patrick A. Messerlin

3. Business Perceptions of Changing Trade Measures
Mondher Mimouni, Carolin Averbeck, Olga Skorobogatova and Elisa Gamberoni

4. Can International Economic Law Constrain Protectionism?
Anne van Aaken and Jürgen Kurtz

Section 2: Policy Responses to the Crisis with Economy-Wide Implications

5. Tariff Changes
Liliana Foletti, Marco Fugazza, Alessandro Nicita and Marcelo Olarreaga

6. Antidumping, Safeguards, and other Trade Remedies
Chad P. Bown

7. Trade Finance
Jean-Pierre Chauffour and Tom Farole

8. Stimulus Packages and Government Procurement
Simon J. Evenett

9. Exchange Rate Policies
Sebastian Weber and Charles Wyplosz

10. Labour Movement Restrictions
Biswajit Dhar and Girish Srivastava

11. Competition Policy
Frédéric Jenny

12. Green Protectionism
Ronald Steenblik

13. FDI Protectionism is on the Rise
Karl P. Sauvant

Section 3: Sector-Specific Policy Responses to the Crisis

14. Financial Nationalism
Stijn Claessens

15. Agriculture
Timothy Josling and Stefan Tangermann

16. Review and Analysis of Protectionist Actions in the Textile and Apparel Industries
Stacey Frederick and Gary Gereffi

17. Services (a Case Study of the United States)
Ingo Borchert and Aaditya Mattoo

Professor of International Trade, University of St. Gallen; Research Fellow, CEPR

Professor and Director of Global Economics, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute; Research Fellow, CEPR

Senior Trade Specialist at the World Bank


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