Growth in Mature Economies: The Second CEPR-Modena Conference

Kevin O'Rourke, Isabella Baldini 31 January 2015




1 (No) Growth in Italy

Fabiano Schivardi

Discussant 1: Francesca Cornelli
Discussant 2: Gianni Toniolo
General discussion

2 Labour market reforms

Tito Boeri

Discussant: Elsa Fornero
General discussion

3 Europe’s Growth Crisis

Karl Whelan

Discussant 1: Dalia Marin
Discussant 2: Jonathan Portes
General discussion

4 European Banking Union: Lessons from History

Kris Mitchener

Discussant 1: Elena Carletti
Discussant 2: Clemens Jobst
General discussion

5 Understanding China’s growth miracle

Fabrizio Zilibotti

Discussant: Vincenzo Galasso
General discussion

6 Adjustment in the Eurozone: Heading in the right direction or mission impossible?

Zsolt Darvas

Discussant 1: Richard Portes
Discussant 2: Jeromin Zettelmeyer
General discussion

7 Can basic entrepreneurship transform the economic lives of the poor?

Robin Burgess

Discussant 1: Alessandro Nuvolari
Discussant 2: Simon Quinn
General discussion

8 Abandoning fossil fuels: how fast and how much?

Frederick van der Ploeg

Discussant 1: John Hassler
Discussant 2: Marzio Galeotti


9 Crisis-era protectionism

Simon Evenett

Discussant 1: Anna Maria Mayda
Discussant 2: Monika Schnitzer
General discussion


10 Policy Panel: The role of the State in the economy – Lessons from the Alitalia and Telecom Italia cases

Massimo Mucchetti and Enzo Moavero Milanesi

General discussion

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