Independent Fiscal Councils: Watchdogs or lapdogs?

Roel Beetsma, Xavier Debrun 29 January 2018




Introduction: Can independent fiscal councils be useful?
Roel M.W.J. Beetsma and Xavier Debrun

I Fiscal councils in principle

1 Policy delegation and the Consensus Assignment
Simon Wren-Lewis

2 Fiscal councils in theory: First principles
Carlos Mulas-Granados

3 Fiscal councils and fiscal rules: Complements or substitutes?
Charles Wyplosz

4 Promoting good practices: The OECD Principles and beyond
Joachim Wehner

II Fiscal councils in practice

5 Measuring IFI independence: A first pass using the OECD IFI database  
Lisa von Trapp and Scherie Nicol

6 The effectiveness of fiscal councils: Emerging international evidence
Victor Duarte Lledó

7 Fiscal councils and fiscal transparency
James E. Alt, David Dreyer Lassen

8 Fiscal councils in federal or decentralised countries: Belgium, Germany and Spain
José Luis Escrivá, Eckhard Janeba, and Geert Langenus

9 Fiscal surveillance in the EU: from maze to pyramid?
Ludovit Ódor

III Lessons from experience

10 The UK Office of Budget Responsibility: Mission accomplished? A perspective from a former practitioner
Kevin Page

11 Children of the crisis: Fiscal councils in Portugal, Spain and Ireland
Michal Horvath

12 Homegrown: The Swedish fiscal policy framework
Lars Jonung

13 Some myths about independent fiscal institutions
George Kopits

14 Addressing the communications challenges facing an independent fiscal institution: A view from the Congressional Budget Office
Robert A. Sunshine

IV The way forward

15 The European Fiscal Board: An experiment at the supranational level
Zareh Asatryan and Friedrich Heinemann

16 Fiscal councils: A first step towards fiscal delegation in Europe?
Henrique S. Basso and James Costain

17 Are fiscal councils here to stay?
Jürgen von Hagen

Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Amsterdam, and Member of the European Fiscal Board

Advisor, Research Department, National Bank of Belgium


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