The Next Generation of Economic Issues in Energy Policy in Europe

Antonio Estache 04 March 2014



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1 Overview
Antonio Estache

2 The EU’s “Three 20s”: Environmental or Industrial Policy?
Claude Crampes

3 Do European Climate and Energy Policies Threaten to Postpone the Energy Transition?
Johan Albrecht

4 Reducing Energy Use Without Affecting Economic Objectives: A Sectoral Analysis
Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock and Barnabé Walheer

5 Can Smart Grids Reduce the Costs of the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy?
Sarah Deasley, Claire Thornhill and Alex Whittaker

6 The Impact of Changes in Regulatory Regime on Productivity of Spanish Electricity Distribution Firms
Leticia Blázquez, Humberto A. Brea-Solís and Emili Grifell-Tatjé

7 What Support Mechanism is Needed for Flexible Capacity in Belgium?
Estelle Cantillon

Bernard van Ommeslaghe Chair, ECARES, Université libre de Bruxelles


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