No Brainers and Low-Hanging Fruit in National Climate Policy

Francesco Caselli, Alexander Ludwig, Rick van der Ploeg 08 October 2021




Francesco Caselli, Alexander Ludwig, and Rick van der Ploeg

No brainers in Argentina’s climate policy
Elisa Belfiori

Low-hanging fruit in the Amazon: Feasible and cost-effective paths for Brazilian climate policy
Clarissa Gandour and Juliano Assunção

Reforming energy subsidies in the Middle East and North Africa: Easy pickings for climate policy or a political bombshell?
Rabah Arezki, Rachel Yuting Fan and Ha Nguyen

No brainers in India
Shoibal Chakravarty and E. Somanathan

Climate policy towards carbon neutrality in China
ZhongXiang Zhang

From quick wins to big wins: Policies for structural transformation and low‑carbon growth in China
Martin Raiser and Sebastian Eckardt

Opportunities for fast and cost-effective decarbonisation in Russia
George Safonov, Alexandra Dorina, Julia Safonova, Anastasia Semakina and Anton Sizonov

Low-hanging fruit in Australia’s climate policy
Frank Jotzo and Warwick J. McKibbin

Climate policy opportunities for the United States
Lint Barrage

Improving Canada’s approach to mitigating carbon emissions
Carolyn Fischer and Dave Sawyer

Strategic decarbonisation options for the UK
Sam Fankhauser and Simon Dietz

The French case
Christian Gollier

Enhancing climate mitigation policy in Germany
Simon Black, Ruo Chen, Aiko Mineshima, and Ian Parry

Climate protection in Germany: Good, but not yet good enough
Claudia Kemfert

Danish climate policy: Past achievements and future challenges
Peter Birch Sørensen

Norway: A large importer of electric cars and a large exporter of oil
Michael Hoel

Sweden: Finance negative emissions and remove the transport sector target
John Hassler

Low-hanging fruit in climate policy: The case of Poland
Karolina Safarzynska

Climate policy in the broader sustainability context: Joint implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the European Green Deal
Phoebe Koundouri, Jeffrey Sachs, Theodoros Zachariadis, Stathis Devves, Angelos Plataniotis, Carlo Papa, Mirko Armiento, Gianluca Crisci, Filippo Tessari, Laura Cozzi, Daniel Wetzel, Mariana Mazzucato and Martha McPherson

The critical role of feebates in climate mitigation strategies
Ian Parry

Making carbon taxation a global win-win
Laurence Kotlikoff, Felix Kubler, Andrey Polbin and Simon Scheidegger

Why do we need a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism? Towards the development of a Climate Club
Luis Garicano and María Fayos

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