No Country for Young People? Youth Labour Market Problems in Europe

Juan Dolado 09 February 2015




Juan J Dolado

Labour market integration of young workers and policies against youth unemployment: The case of Austria

Josef Zweimüller

Patterns of youth unemployment: The German case

Regina T Riphahn

Swiss youth unemployment during the Great Depression

Michele Pellizzari and Domenico Tabasso

Youth unemployment in France

Pierre Cahuc and Stéphane Carcillo

Swedish youth unemployment: Perhaps not as bad as it looks?

Oskar Nordström Skans

Youth unemployment in the UK: Cyclical fluctuations and the struggle for structural reform

Paul Gregg

Youth unemployment and the Great Recession in Greece

Manos Matsaganis

Youth unemployment in Italy

Marco Leonardi and Giovanni Pica

Youth (un)employment in Portugal

Álvaro A Novo

Youth unemployment in Spain: More issues than just high unemployment

J. Ignacio García Pérez and Judit Vall Castello

The Youth Guarantee: Theory or reality?

Florentino Felgueroso and Marcel Jansen

Professor of Economics, EUI and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; and CEPR Research Fellow


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