Post-Crisis Banking Regulation: Evolution of economic thinking as it happened on Vox

Jon Danielsson 02 March 2015



1.The reform of financial regulations

Everything the IMF wanted to know about financial regulation and wasn’t afraid to ask
Sheila Bair

It is time for a reappraisal of the basic principles of financial regulation
Hyun Song Shin

The macroprudential approach to regulation and supervision
Claudio Borio

Complexity kills
Jon Danielsson

The risks of trading by banks
Arnoud Boot and Lev Ratnovski

Investment banking
Charles A.E. Goodhart

2.The role, calculation and levels of capital

The illusion of bank capital
Raihan Zamil

Bank capital requirements: Risk weights you cannot trust and the implications for Basel III
Jens Hagendorff and Francesco Vallascas

Banking on the average: A new way to regulate banks
Hans Gersbach

How much capital should banks have?
Lev Ratnovski

Is a 25% bank equity requirement really a no-brainer?
Charles W Calomiris

3.On Basel III

Do not be detoured by bankers and their friends; our future financial salvation lies in the direction of Basel
Avinash Persaud

Basel regulation needs to be rethought in the age of derivatives, Part I
Adrian Blundell-Wignall and Paul E Atkinson

The liquidity coverage ratio under siege
Stefan W Schmitz

Governance of banks
Luc Laeven and Ross Levine

Implementation of Basel III in the US will bring back the regulatory arbitrage problems under Basel I
Takeo Hoshi

4.Wider Considerations

Big banks and macroeconomic outcomes, Franziska Bremus
Claudia M. Buch, Katheryn Russ and Monika Schnitzer

Sudden financial arrest
Ricardo Caballero

Shadow banking: Economics and policy priorities. Stijn Claessens, Zoltan Pozsar
Lev Ratnovski and Manmohan Singh

The fallacy of moving the over-the-counter derivatives market to central counterparties
Manmohan Singh

The need for special resolution regimes for financial institutions
Martin Čihák and Erlend W Nier

Politics and governance

Lobbying and the financial crisis
Deniz Igan, Prachi Mishra and Thierry Tressel

Tax banks to discourage systemic-risk creation, not to fund bailouts
Enrico Perotti

Saving the banks, but not reckless bankers
Giancarlo Spagnolo

Director of the ESRC funded Systemic Risk Centre, London School of Economics


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