Resolve Falters As Global Prospects Worsen: The 9th GTA Report

Simon Evenett 20 July 2011



Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary: The weakened resolve against protectionism since the  Seoul G20 Summit
Simon J. Evenett

Section 1

2 Developments since the Seoul G20 Summit in November 2010
Simon J. Evenett

3 The changing nature of crisis-era protectionism: 2009-H1 2011
Simon J. Evenett

4 Indicators of the harm done by discriminatory measures: Many indicators, one message
Simon J. Evenett

5 China’s rare earth industry: Are golden times coming?
Yang Chun Jing

Section 2: Country-by-Country Reports

Professor of International Trade, University of St. Gallen; Research Fellow, CEPR


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