Rethinking Global Governance in Light of the Crisis: New Perspectives on Economic Policy Foundations

Richard Baldwin, David Vines 23 April 2012



Table of Contents

Richard Baldwin and David Vines

The governance of international macroeconomic relations

The G20MAP, global rebalancing, and sustaining global economic growth
David Vines

Fiscal consolidation and macroeconomic stabilisation
Giancarlo Corsetti

The Eurozone Crisis – April 2012
Richard Portes

The Triffin Dilemma and a multipolar international reserve system
Richard Portes

Globalisation, financial stability, and global financial regulation

Financial stability: Where it went and from whence it might return
Geoffrey Underhill

The crisis and the future of the banking industry
Xavier Freixas

How to prevent and better handle the failures of global systemically important financial institutions
Stijn Claessens

Cross-border banking in Europe: policy challenges in turbulent times
Thorsten Beck

Credit default swaps in Europe
Richard Portes

Global banks, fiscal policy and international business cycles
Robert Kollmann

The global trade regime

The Doha Round impasse
Simon J Evenett

The Future of the WTO
Richard Baldwin

Open to goods, closed to people?
Paola Conconi, Giovanni Facchini, Max F Steinhardt, and Maurizio Zanardi

International migration and the mobility of labour

The Recession and International Migration
Timothy J Hatton

A dangerous campaign: Why we shouldn’t risk the Schengen-Agreement
Tito Boeri and Herbert Brücker

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