The Tide Turns? Trade, Protectionism, and Slowing Global Growth

Simon Evenett, Johannes Fritz 12 November 2015



Recent perspectives on protectionism and global trade 4

Executive summary 7

Why the global trade slowdown matters 8

Falling global trade: The facts 12

Did policy target the products that account for much of the fall in world trade? 16

Beggar-thy-neighbour activity in 2015 18

Protectionism since the Great Recession: The three phases 20

Which G20 nations distort commerce most often? 22

Which countries have been hit the most and by whom? 24

Which tradeable sectors have been hit the most? 26

Which policy instruments have been used the most? 28

How significant are trade defence actions? 30

How much do official reports understate protectionism? 32

What’s new in the Global Trade Alert database? 34

What is the Global Trade Alert? 35

Acknowledgements 35

Professor of International Trade, University of St. Gallen; Research Fellow, CEPR

CEO, St Gallen Endowment for Prosperity Through Trade


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