Trade adjustment costs in developing countries

Bernard Hoekman, Guido Porto 18 June 2010



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Table of Contents

1 Trade Adjustment Costs in Developing Countries: Impacts, Determinants and Policy Responses

Part A. Adjustment costs

2 Modeling, Measuring, and Compensating the Adjustment Costs Associated with Trade Reforms
Carl Davidson and Steven Matusz

3 A Structural Empirical Approach to Trade Shocks and Labor Adjustment: An Application to Turkey
Erhan Artuç and John McLaren

4 Reallocation and Adjustment in the Manufacturing Sector in Uruguay
Carlos Casacuberta and Néstor Gandelman

5 Trade Reforms in Natural-Resource-Abundant Economies
Jaime de Melo

6 Barriers to Exit from Subsistence Agriculture
Olivier Cadot, Laure Dutoit and Marcelo Olarreaga

Part B. Adjustment impacts

7 Trade Reform, Employment Allocation and Worker Flows
Marc-Andreas Muendler

8 Adjustment to Trade Policy in Developing Countries
Gordon H. Hanson

9 Production Offshoring and Labor Markets: Recent Evidence and a Research Agenda
Margaret S. McMillan

10 Trade Adjustment and Labor Income Risk
Pravin Krishna and Mine Zeynep Senses

11 Trade, Child Labor, and Schooling in Poor Countries
Eric V. Edmonds

12 Adjustment to Internal Migration
Gordon H. Hanson

13 Exporter Adjustment to the End of Trade Preferences: Evidence from the Abrupt End of Textile and Apparel Quotas
James Harrigan

14 New Kids on the Block: Adjustment of Indigenous Producers to FDI Inflows
Beata S. Javorcik

15 Adjustment to Foreign Changes in Trade Policy Under the WTO System
Chad P. Bown

Part C. Factors that affect trade

16 Transportation Costs and Adjustments to Trade
David Hummels

17 The Duration of Trade Relationships
Tibor Besedeš and Thomas J. Prusa

18 Openness and Export Dynamics: New Research Directions
James Tybout

19 Market Penetration Cost and International Trade
Costas Arkolakis and Olga Timoshenko

20 Taking Advantage of Trade: The role of Distortions
Kala Krishna

21 Credit Constraints and the Adjustment to Trade Reform
Kalina Manova

22 Standards, Trade and Developing Countries
Johan F M Swinnen and Miet Maertens

Part D. Adjustment programs

23 Notes on American Adjustment Policies for Global-integration Pressures
J David Richardson

24 Compensation Payments in EU Agriculture
Johan F M Swinnen and Kristine Van Herck


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Professor of Economics at the University of La Plata


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