Trade War: The Clash of Economic Systems Threatening Global Prosperity

Meredith A. Crowley 30 May 2019





Meredith A. Crowley

Part 1: The origins of the trade conflict

1 The costs of US trade liberalisation with China have been acute for some workers
Justin R. Pierce and Peter K. Schott

2 The 2018 trade war and the end of dispute settlement as we knew it
Chad P. Bown

3 Understanding trade wars
Aaditya Mattoo and Robert W. Staiger

Part 2: The costs of trade wars

4 The costs of a trade war
Ralph Ossa

5 How exporters respond to tariff changes
Doireann Fitzgerald

6 Trade wars in the GVC era
Emily J. Blanchard

7 Supply chain linkages and financial markets: Evaluating the costs of the US-China trade war
Yi Huang, Chen Lin, Sibo Liu and Heiwai Tang

Part 3: The challenges for the world trading system

8 Misdirection and the trade war malediction of 2018: Scaling the US-China bilateral tariff hikes
Simon J. Evenett and Johannes Fritz

9 The never-ending story: The puzzle of subsidies
Luca Rubini

10 The policy uncertainty aftershocks of trade wars and trade tensions
Kyle Handley and Nuno Limao

11 Chinaís rise and the growing doubts over trade multilateralism
Mark Wu

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