Understanding Banks in Emerging Markets: Observing, Asking or Experimenting?

Thorsten Beck, Ralph De Haas, Steven Ongena 06 November 2013



Table of Contents


Thorsten Beck, Ralph De Haas and Steven Ongena

Who Pays Bank Taxes?
Olena Havrylchyk and Gunther Capelle-Blancard

Investment Financing and Financial Development: New Evidence from Vietnam
Conor O’Toole and Carol Newman

Uncovering Collateral Constraints
José María Liberti and Jason Sturgess

Bank Monitoring and Institutions: The Korean Lesson
Raoul Minetti

Microfinance Banks and Financial Inclusion in Southeast Europe: Is Public Funding Still Warranted?
Martin Brown, Benjamin Guin and Karolin Kirschenmann

Why is Voluntary Financial Education so Unpopular? Evidence from Mexico
Miriam Bruhn, Gabriel Lara Ibarra and David McKenzie

Bank Funding and Firm Innovation: Evidence from Russia
Cagatay Bircan and Ralph De Haas

‘Know thy Competitor, Know Thyself?’ First Evidence from Banks in Emerging Europe
Ralph De Haas, Liping Lu and Steven Ongena

A Tribute to Ravi
Koen Schoors

Professor of Financial Stability and Director, Florence School of Banking and Finance, EUI; CEPR Research Fellow

Director of Research, EBRD and CEPR Research Fellow

Professor in Banking, University of Zurich, the Swiss Finance Institute, KU Leuven and NTNU; Research Fellow, CEPR


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