What To Do With the UK? EU Perspectives on Brexit

Charles Wyplosz 24 October 2016



Table of contents

Introduction: Cycling backwards
Charles Wyplosz

1 Brexit: Austriaís negotiation stance
Michael A Landesmann and Robert Stehrer

2 Which Brexit negotiating strategy for the Belgian government?
Paul De Grauwe

3 What should and will Finland make of Brexit?
Vesa Vihriala

4 Brexit the French way: Regulation, tax, and politics
Laurence Boone and Ano Kuhanathan

5 If you really want to go – Germany and Brexit
Beatrice Weder di Mauro

6 Greece and the upcoming Brexit negotiations
George Alogoskoufis

7 Economic consequences of Brexit strategy for Hungary
Laszlo Halpern

8    Ireland and Brexit
Alan Barrett and Edgar Morgenroth

9 An Italian perspective on the forthcoming Brexit negotiations
Stefano Micossi and Riccardo Perissich

10 The Dutch position in the Brexit negotiations
Roel Beetsma, Franc Klaassen and Rutger Teulings

11 Poland-UK relations after Brexit: Suggested priorities for negotiations
Dariusz K. Rosati

12 The path to Brexit: The view from Portugal
Josè Tavares and Rui Peres Jorge

13 Slovakia and Brexit: A gentle approach to tough love
Miroslav Beblavy and Vladimir Bilčik

14 How will Spain negotiate Brexit? Preserving a tangled web
Luis Garicano

15 Preparing for Brentry – after Brexit: A view from Sweden
Fredrik N G Andersson and Lars Jonung

16 Has Brexit cast a shadow over Swiss foreign economic policy?
Simon J. Evenett

Emeritus Professor of International Economics, Graduate Institute, Geneva; CEPR Research Fellow


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