What G20 leaders must do to stabilise our economy and fix the financial system

Richard Baldwin, Barry Eichengreen 10 November 2008




The Essays: What G20 leaders must do to stabilise our economy and fix the financial system

Quick action for the real economy; sober reflection for financial regulation

Alberto Alesina and Guido Tabellini

Coordinated responses versus identical responses

Refet S. Gürkaynak

Agenda for the next few months

Michael Spence

Making international finance safe for the world economy – not the other way around: What should the G20 communiqué say?

Dani Rodrik

Some suggestions for the G20 on November 15th

Willem H. Buiter

Reforming global economic and financial governance

Raghuram Rajan

Not a New Bretton Woods but a New Bretton Woods process

Barry Eichengreen

The new international financial architecture requires better governance

Stijn Claessens

Europe’s two priorities for the G20

Daniel Gros

Returning to narrow banking

Paul De Grauwe

G20 Summit: What they should achieve

Takatoshi Ito

Delivering change. Together.

Wendy Dobson

East Asia’s Self-managed Reserve Pooling Arrangement and the global financial architecture

Yung Chul Park

The New Bretton Woods agreement

Guillermo Calvo

A New Bretton Woods system should curb boom and bust

Vijay Joshi and David Vines

Targeted improvements in crisis resolution, not a New Bretton Woods

Erik Berglöf and Jeromin Zettelmeyer

Save Doha to save the G20 Summit

Ernesto Zedillo

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