Where to Spend the Next Million? Applying Impact Evaluation to Trade Assistance

Olivier Cadot, Ana Fernandes, Julien Gourdon, Aaditya Mattoo 30 June 2011



Table of Contents

1 Impact Evaluation of Trade Assistance: Paving the Way
Olivier Cadot, Ana M. Fernandes, Julien Gourdon and Aaditya Mattoo

2 Assessing the Impact of Trade Promotion in Latin America
Christian Volpe Martincus

3 Can Matching Grants Promote Exports? Evidence from Tunisia’s FAMEX II Programme
Julien Gourdon, Jean Michel Marchat, Siddharth Sharma and Tara Vishwanath

4 The Use of Experimental Designs in the Evaluation of Trade-Facilitation Programmes: An Example from Egypt
David Atkin and Amit Khandelwal

5 Transport Costs and Firm Behaviour: Evidence from Mozambique and South Africa
Sandra Sequeira

6 Half-Baked Interventions: Staggered Pre-Shipment Inspections in the Philippines and Colombia
Mohini Datt and Dean Yang

7 Reforming Customs by Measuring Performance: A Cameroon Case Study
Thomas Cantens, Gaël Raballand, Samson Bilangna and Marcellin Djeuwo

8 Aid for Trade and Export Performance: The Case of Aid in Services
Esteban Ferro, Alberto Portugal-Pérez and John S. Wilson

Professor, International Economics; and Director, Institute of Applied Economics, University of Lausanne

Ana M Fernandes

Senior Economist, Trade and International Integration Unit, Development Research Group, World Bank

Economist, CEPII, Paris

Research Manager, Trade and Integration, World Bank


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