Why World Leaders Must Resist the False Promise of a Doha Delay

Simon Evenett, Richard Baldwin 28 April 2011




Why world leaders must resist the false promise of another Doha delay: Introduction to the issues
Richard Baldwin and Simon J Evenett

The Doha Round doomed once again: Blame it on the G20
Ernesto Zedillo

Political leaders must commit the resources and time to conclude the Round
Peter Sutherland

The Doha Round: What to do after so many wasted opportunities
Alberto Trejos

Why the Doha Round matters to Asia and the Pacific
Peter Drysdale

What to do about Doha
Anne Krueger

The Doha Round: No more delays
Claude Barfield

Doha Round: Keep moving forward or fall down
Philip I Levy

The dubious hold-up over NAMA
Simon J Evenett

The US is painting itself into a corner on 21st century trade policy
Richard Baldwin

The one-trillion-dollar chicken game and the G20
Patrick A Messerlin

Why WTO members should not give up the Doha Round: The case of agricultural trade
Andre Nassar and Carlos Perez

Asia Pacific and the Doha Round
Muhammad Chatib Basri

Completing the Doha Round and developing countries
Sübidey Togan

With the skin gone, what can the hair adhere to?
Lei Zhang and Qian Wang

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