Women in Economics

Shelly Lundberg 05 March 2020




Women in the economics profession: Challenges and opportunities along the pipeline
Shelly Lundberg 

Part I: Where are we and how did we get here?

1) Women in economics: Stalled progress
Shelly Lundberg and Jenna Stearns 

2) Women in European economics
Emmanuelle Auriol, Guido Friebel, and Sascha Wilhelm

3) Black women economists: At the intersection of race and gender
Rhonda Vonshay Sharpe

4) ‘Out in the open’ controversy: Economists’ perspectives on the first gender reckoning in economics
Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche, Beatrice Cherrier, and John D. Singleton

Part II: The path to a PhD

5) ‘What can UWE do for economics?’
Tatyana Avilova and Claudia Goldin

6) Female role models inspire women to major in male-dominated fields 
Catherine Porter and Danila Serra

7) Variation in women’s success across PhD programmes in economics
Leah Boustan, Andrew Langan, and I. Bailey Palmer

8) Peer effects in graduate programmes
Valerie K. Bostwick and Bruce A. Weinberg

Part III: Research and publishing

9) Gender and collaboration 
Lorenzo Ductor, Sanjeev Goyal, and Anja Prummer

10) Publishing while female
Erin Hengel

11) Are referees and editors in economics gender-neutral? 
David Card, Stefano DellaVigna, Patricia Funk, and Nagore Iriberri

12) Does gender matter to be accepted into economics conferences?
Laura Hospido and Carlos Sanz

Part IV: Promotion

13) Gender and promotion in economics academia
Shulamit Kahn

14) The gender promotion gap: Evidence from central banking
Laura Hospido, Luc Laeven, and Ana Lamo

15) Unintended consequences of a gender-neutral academic personnel policy 
Heather Antecol, Kelly Bedard, and Jenna Stearns

16) Gender bias in student evaluations of teaching 
Anne Boring

Part V: What else can we do?

17) Mentoring matters for women in economics
Donna K. Ginther, Janet M. Currie, Francine D. Blau, and Rachel T. A. Croson

18) Proven strategies for making economics work for women
Kasey Buckles

Distinguished Professor of Economics and Leonard Broom Professor of Demography, University of California Santa Barbara


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