*** How to join the debate ***

Posted by Richard Baldwin on 4 April 2012

Vox is having some technical problems with the joining process.Sorry about that.

Here is the best way to join.

1) Use your real name as your user name, and give your affliation. (

>> If you already have an account under a pseudonym, set up a new one with your real name (e.g. Mary.Sutherland) -- Vox does not believe in anonymous comments.

>> These are important as we tend to only accept contributors who can plausibly be discribed as economists with a recognisable affliation.

>> This is because we believe that readers will judge views based on the writer's reputation and experience, so such information is vital.

2) If you have special circumstances, write them in the box provided. Team Vox will see these and make a judgement.

3) If all else fails, send me an email via http://voxeu.org/index.php?q=feedback

FORMAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR JOINING are here thttp://voxeu.org/index.php?q=node/5578


Richard Baldwin

Vox Founder and Editor-in-Chief