The future of EU trade policy

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Earlier this year, President Barroso set out the Commission’s new policy platform – “Europe 2020”. The Commission is now filling in the details. The future direction for EU trade policy is now the subject of a public consultation process. 
This VoxEU debate aims to stimulate an online discussion of EU trade policy. It is introduced in a lead commentary by Lucian Cernat, Chief Economist in DG Trade. Cernat highlights some critical areas for further reflection regarding future EU trade policy and its relationship to the EU2020 strategy.

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Lead Commentaries

Susan Ariel Aaronson , 01 October 2010

In response to Dr. Cernat’s call for feedback on the EU’s trade policy, this column calls on Europeans and Americans to rethink their trade policies. It argues both can meet 21st century needs only by collaborating, mostly at the WTO. Trade policy challenges are also an opportunity to make the system more coherent and meet the goals of expanding trade, enhancing human welfare and increasing employment.

Simon Evenett , 25 September 2010

EU trade policy has accomplished little of substance during the past decade. This column, a contribution to the ongoing VoxEU debate on The Future of EU Trade Policy, identifies five reality checks that should be taken on board as the European Commission and the Member States reformulate their approach to commercial relations.

Lucian Cernat , 07 September 2010

This autumn, the European Commission will set out the future direction for the EU’s trade policy. In this column its Chief Trade Economist calls on Vox contributors to engage in the debate about what that direction should be.