The collapse of global trade, murky protectionism, and the crisis: Recommendations for the G20

Richard Baldwin, Simon Evenett, 05 March 2009



Edited by Richard Baldwin and Simon Evenett

Published 5 March 2009


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Introduction and recommendations for the G20
Richard Baldwin and Simon J. Evenett


Protectionism and the global economic crisis – the role of trade in the response
Simon Crean

The multilateral trading system: a response to its challengers
Ernesto Zedillo

Keeping borders open: why is it important for Latin America and what can the region do about it?
Luis Alberto Moreno

Jobs, global trade and the perils of protectionism: the imperative of restoring confidence
Victor K. Fung

What can the G20 do on trade that can benefit Africa?
African Development Bank Secretariat

East Asia must share Obama’s leadership to keep trade open
Hadi Soesastro

Protectionism and the crisis
Anne Krueger

The Lithium President: fight protectionism with more passion
Jagdish Bhagwati


The collapse of global trade: the role of vertical specialisation
Kei-Mu Yi

Trade protection: incipient but worrisome trends
Elisa Gamberoni and Richard Newfarmer

Protectionism is on the rise: antidumping import investigations up to 31% in 2008
Chad P. Bown

Commodities, export subsidies, and African trade during the slump
Tonia Kandiero, Abdul Kamara and Léonce Ndikumana

G20 surveillance of harmful trade measures
Peter Gallagher and Andrew L. Stoler

Disavowing protectionism: a strengthened G20 standstill and surveillance
Biswajit Dhar, Simon Evenett, Guoqiang Long, Andre Meloni Nassar, Stefan Tangermann and Alberto Trejos

Restoring trade finance: what the G20 can do
Marc Auboin

Bailouts: how to discourage a subsidies war
Simon J. Evenett and Frédéric Jenny

Public procurement: focus on people, value for money and systemic integrity, not protectionsim
Steven L. Schooner and Christoper R. Yukins

Resist green protectionism – or pay the price at Copenhagen
Simon J. Evenett and John Whalley

Keep the trade flowing by cutting red tape
Gerard McLinden

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Topics:  International trade

Tags:  trade policy, G20, global crisis debate, London Summit, murky protectionism


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