The Future of Banking

Thorsten Beck, 25 October 2011



The Future of Banking

Edited by Thorsten Beck

Published 25 October 2011

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Table of Contents

The future of banking – solving the current crisis while addressing long-term challenges
Thorsten Beck

Resolving the current European mess
Charles Wyplosz

ESBies: A realistic reform of Europe’s financial architecture
Markus K. Brunnermeier, Luis Garicano, Philip R. Lane, Marco Pagano, Ricardo Reis, Tano Santos, David Thesmar, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, and Dimitri Vayanos

Loose monetary policy and excessive credit and liquidity risk-taking by banks
Steven Ongena and José-Luis Peydró

Destabilising market forces and the structure of banks going forward
Arnoud W.A. Boot

Ring-fencing is good, but no panacea
Viral V. Acharya

The Dodd-Frank Act, systemic risk and capital requirements
Viral V Acharya and Matthew Richardson

Bank governance and regulation
Luc Laeven

Systemic liquidity risk: A European approach
Enrico Perotti

Taxing banks – here we go again!
Thorsten Beck and Harry Huizinga

The future of cross-border banking
Dirk Schoenmaker

The changing role of emerging-market banks
Neeltje van Horen

Finance, long-run growth, and economic opportunity
Ross Levine


Topics:  Financial markets Global crisis

Tags:  banking, Eurozone crisis


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