The UK in a Global World

David Greenaway, 14 June 2012




The UK in a Global World: How can the UK focus on steps in global value chains that really add value?

edited by David Greenaway

Published 14 June 2012

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Table of Contents

The Rt. Hon. Dr Vince Cable MP

Introduction and Overview
David Greenaway

Creating Competitive Advantage: Policy Lessons from History
Nicholas Crafts

Choosing Races and Placing Bets: UK National Innovation Policy and the Globalisation of Innovation Systems
Alan Hughes

Value Creation and Trade in 21st Century Manufacturing: What Policies for UK Manufacturing?
Richard E. Baldwin and Simon J. Evenett

Comparative Advantage and Service Trade
Giordano Mion


Topics:  Europe's nations and regions Productivity and Innovation

Tags:  innovation, UK, BIS, global value chains, ESRC


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