The Unrelenting Pressure of Protectionism: The 3rd GTA Report

Simon Evenett, 14 December 2009



The Unrelenting Pressure of Protectionism: The 3rd GTA Report

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Executive Summary
Simon J. Evenett

Section 1: Assessments of crisis-era protectionism

The Landscape of Crisis-Era Protectionism One Year After the First G20 Crisis-Related Summit
Simon J. Evenett

Crisis-Era State Measures and Asia-Pacific Economies 33
Mia Mikic

Section 2: The impact of the crisis on policymaking and national commercial interests in the Asia-Pacific

Russia: From Collapse to an Economic Modernization Programme 51
Darya Gerasimenko

China’s Protective State Measures in the Crisis Era: Motivation and Effect 79
Yunxia Yue

The Impact of Cross-Border Discrimination on Japanese Exports: A Sectoral Analysis
Anirudh Shingal

Does the Crisis Alter Indian Trade Priorities? 101
Nilanjan Banik

Section 3: Worldwide assessments of selected aspects of crisis-era protectionism

Has the Crisis Changed the Use of Antidumping? A Comparative Analysis
Johannes Fritz and Martin Wermelinger

Is Full Recovery of Global Production Networks Inevitable?
Olivier Godart and Holger Görg


Topics:  International trade

Tags:  trade, Asia, protectionism, Global Trade Alert, Pacific


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