What world leaders should do to halt the spread of protectionism

Richard Baldwin, Simon Evenett, 04 December 2008



VoxEU.org has just published another Ebook in our “What leaders should do in the Crisis” series; this one focuses on trade. Unless world leaders strengthen trade cooperation, new tariffs and competitive devaluations could trigger a protectionist spiral of WTO-consistent trade barriers. To rule this out, world leaders should: 1) Reduce protectionist pressures by fighting the recession with macroeconomic polices; 2) Translate APEC and G20 leaders’ words into deeds by agreeing a framework for concluding the Doha Round; and 3) Establish a real-time WTO/IMF surveillance mechanism to track new protection.

Download the ebook here.

URL:  http://www.voxeu.org/index.php?q=node/2651

Topics:  International trade

Tags:  WTO, Doha Round, tariff war, beggar-thy-neighbour policies, protectionism, WTO-legal tariff war


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